Donald Trump's aide reveals she has no idea what sexism means and things make sense now

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Remember when "binders full of women" was the pique of sexism in presidential politics?

Aide to president-elect Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway has accused the Wall Street Journal of sexism over the way it covered the possible appointment of a woman to the Trump administration.

Conway's accusation may explain why team Trump has trouble getting to grips with what is and what is not sexist.

Trump has been accused of misogyny and sexism, mostly for saying sexist and misogynistic things which were caught on recording devices.

It seems his aides are as unsure of the candidate as to where the acceptable line is.

On Monday Bret Stephens, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal tweeted in reference to a meeting between Trump and former candidate for the Republican Party nomination Carly Fiorina.

Fiorina is reportedly being considered for the role of director of national intelligence in the Trump administration.

Stephen's tweet referred to Trump's insulting language towards Fiorina, and her participation in the "Never Trump" movement, despite now considering a job in his administration.

As recently as 8 October 2016, a month before the election, Fiorina released a statement calling for Trump to step aside and allow vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence to take on the leadership mantle.

Trump's aide Conway took umbrage to Stephen's language, calling it sexist, and defending Fiorina's apparent u-turn.

Stephen dismissed the accusation.

In September 2015, when Trump and Fiorina were both vying for the Republican nomination, Trump remarked "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?".

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