left: Daily Mail/Clipshare, right: Daily Telegraph/Clipshare

On Sunday Jeremy Corbyn appeared on Sophie Ridge's Sky Politics programme.

The Labour leader has been repeatedly charged with failing to explain his past interactions with pro-IRA organisations.

Corbyn supporters have characterised his work as 'peace campaigning'.

His opponents have called it 'IRA apologists'.

The bias is evident in the headlines used by the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph to sum up Corbyn's remarks on Ridge's programme.

Picture: Daily Mail/22 April 2017

Corbyn's Kick in teeth for IRA victims.

Labour leader refuses FIVE times to unequivocally condemn IRA

Picture: Daily Telegraph/22 April 2017

Corbyn engulfed in IRA furore.

Labour leader refuses to condemn groups links to hard-Left magazine are exposed

Here's what Corbyn actually said:

There were Loyalist bombs as well. I condemn all the bombing by both the Loyalists and the IRA.

So that is condemning the IRA.

One might disagree with the idea of comparing Loyalist bombs and IRA bombs, but it's undeniable that he condemned both.

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