Eric Trump ridiculed for accidentally urging people to vote a week after the election
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Eric Trump really doesn’t do himself any favours.

Since his dad became president, he’s repeatedly been mocked online for some questionable content choices.

There was that time when he was ridiculed for thinking a very real Roman emperor was fictional. Then, he was roasted for trying to troll Joe Biden with a tweet showing a home that the vice-president-elect doesn’t even own.

And who could forget about that time he was forced to delete after a post linking the Clintons with Ghislaine Maxwell because it spectacularly backfired?

Now, Trump has added one more example to his rapidly-growing repertoire of internet faux-pas.

Today, he sent out a tweet asking people in Minnesota to “get out and vote!!!!!”

Given that it’s exactly a week since the election, many people are speculating that it was a scheduling error.

Nonetheless, it’s an embarrassing accident to make.

So, accordingly, he’s once again been torn apart by people on the internet.

Unfortunately for Trump, Minnesota did vote – but not for his father.

Biden won the state by over seven per cent.

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