Jo Swinson hasn’t had the best election.

The exit poll has just predicted a huge majority for Boris Johnson – in no small part because, as has been predicted, the Lib Dems have split the Remain vote.

But if the exit poll is to believed – and it was very accurate last time – then Jo Swinson a 95 per cent chance of losing her own East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP’s Amy Callaghan.

If Swinson does lose her seat, it won’t be the first time – she lost to the SNP’s John Nicolson in 2015, before winning the back in 2017.

It's been a difficult campaign for Swinson, who found herself being confronted over her party's Brexit stance and facing tough questions about her voting record.

Votes are still being counted, but it's bound to be a nervy few hours for the Lib Dem leader...

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