Donald and Melania Trump mocked after 'removal truck' spotted outside the White House

Donald and Melania Trump mocked after 'removal truck' spotted outside the White House

Despite what you may have heard coming out of Trump's mouth, the US election is still currently up in the air, with enough states still to decare that it could go either way.

Although Biden has a solid lead over the president, Trump has continued to claim victory, and is even mounting legal action against four states as he pushes his narrative of voter fraud.

But one video has made people question whether he might actually be more worried than he appears...

In live footage from the White House, the door appears to be blocked by a huge yellow truck. While the writing on the truck isn't legible from the distanced it was filmed, people seem confident it belongs to Pesnke, a removal company whose trucks look remarkably similar to the one captured.

Naturally, people had jokes.

Others pointed out that if the speculation was correct, it would be somewhat premature.

Could it be that the president is already planning to move out? Some people had perhaps more realistic guesses.

Debunking website Snopes highlights that while it is likely a Penske truck, they can have many uses which don't involve actually moving house.

It would seem highly unlikely that the Trumps would be planning a move this imminently, even if they were convinced of a Biden win.

Perhaps the mystery of the "moving truck" will never be solved...

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