Elizabeth Warren rubbing her hands during talk of her 'wealth tax' is the ultimate mood


The race to take on president Trump in 2020 is hotting up, with Democrats facing off in the second televised debate.

This time, the debate will run over two nights, with ten candidates on each night. The first night featured frontrunners including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

The night was full of memorable moments which set social media alight with memes and GIFs.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, vying for the progressive vote, became one of these moments when she prepared to announce one of her flagship policies: a wealth tax.

Warren’s plan would tax the top 0.01 per cent of earners an extra two cents for every dollar on fortunes exceeding $50million. This would provide funding for a variety of benefits including free childcare and would wipe out 95 per cent of student loan debt.

Sound good? Warren obviously thinks so, because people noticed she rubbed her hands together before announcing the plan.

Twitter loved the Warren “hand rub”.

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