Who doesn’t love a subliminal message?

While senator Elizabeth Warren has historically been an outspoken supporter of Black Lives Matter, she wanted to make sure no one forgot her allyship at the Demoractic National Convention.

Which is why Warren seemed to include a deliberate, almost-hidden message in the background of her address to the conference.

On the third night of the convention, Warren popped up to discuss struggles in childcare and schools in America.

Her backdrop, fittingly, was that of an elementary school classroom.

But within the shelves, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a message spelled out in kiddy-blocks.

The alphabet blocks read ‘BLM’.

People said it showed why they had supported Warren to be the Democratic nominee.

However, others saw it as performative.

And weren’t exactly blown away by the move.

Though in fairness to Elizabeth Warren, she has been very vocal in her support for BLM and particularly supportive of congresswomen of colour.

Still, maybe when it comes to anti-racism messages, it's better to be loud than subtle?

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