There could be a new record-breaking tweet and Ellen is worried


'A man needs his nuggs' vs 'If only Bradley's arm was longer'

The tweet with the world record for the most retweeted tweets ever, the Oscar's selfie featuring Bradly Cooper, Ellen Degeneres and Lupita Nyong'o, might be beaten by Carter Wilkerson's request to revieve a year's supply of chicken nuggets.

In fact, the number of retweets are getting so close that Ellen, who broke the record in 2014, has brought it up on her show and tried to broker a deal.

"I worked so hard to set that record up!" Explain's Ellen in the clip.

First I got my own sitcom. Then I came out. Then I lost everything. 

Then I came back with my talk show and became so popular that I was asked to host the Oscars, but I waited until they asked the second time to finally make my move. 

Then I gathered all the biggest stars into one selfie and I challenged the world to share it and BOOM, I achieved my goal of having the most retweeted tweet of all time.

And this guy... Asked for nuggets?!

Ellen commended Carter, she likes a young person who dreams big.

Then she challenged everyone who retweets Carter's tweet to retweet her's as well.

If she gets to 18 million with him, she'll give Carter a year's supply of Ellen Underwear and a TV.

Seems fair.

Watch the video below.

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