This kid on Ellen just slayed Donald Trump


Earlier in the week, Ellen DeGeneres invited five-year-old geography genius Nate Seltzer onto her show.

Seltzer proved himself adept at naming countries from their flags and showed off his geography knowledge.

It was a heartwarming moment.

But it took a turn towards outright fire, when Nate decided to burn the President in front of the cameras

Here's the clip that got the most laughs:

Ellen turned to Nate, asking about his hand-drawn map of the world. She asked what the figure was in Antarctica.

Nate replied that it was a penguin.

She then asked about the figure in Russia.

Nate replied:

It's really funny.

She asked:

What is it?

He said:


Watch the full video, below:

It could just be using kids for political theatre, which would be a bit rubbish.

On the other hand, Nate knows a lot about geography and might glance at the news from time to time?

Who knows.

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