Much like the rest of the UK, BBC News presenter and Alan Partridge star, Emily Maitlis is starting to grow a little sick and tired of politicians.

After last night's scenes in the Commons, when Theresa May's maligned EU withdrawal agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by MPs, several scenarios now look very possible.

These include a second referendum, an extension of Article 50 and a snap general election, all of which could be announced in the coming days.

While trying to get to the bottom of some questions on these very serious issues, she asked Labour's shadow international trade secretary, Barry Gardiner, what 'Brexit vision' would be on their manifesto.

Gardiner responded by saying:

To negotiate the deal set we have set out...

Maitlis then cut off Gardiner and asked if that will be on the Labour leaflets. This took Gardiner slightly back but he continued by saying:

Well... we will decide what our manifesto position is... as we normally do. It's a democratic party. It's not made up by one person on Newsnight, as you know.

Cue a passive aggressive rustling of her papers and brutal side eye towards the cameras. An exasperated Maitlis then replied:

It's not made up at all. People are literally pulling their hair out tonight.

The moment was captured by many on social media and has since become something of a viral sensation and people are loving the side-eye.

Others were trying to guess what she was scribbling down on her piece of paper.

It even became a meme.

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