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It's safe to say that the Trump's and CNN don't get along.

The news network and the President's family have endured a long running feud for a while now.

When the POTUS isn't branding them fake news, he tweets and retweets derogatory images and GIFS, presumably without checking their shady origins.

This behaviour also extends to his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Eric Trump, who is now the Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, recently tried mocking CNN too.

It didn't go that well for him.

The 33-year-old guessed that CNN wouldn't cover the news that his father pledged to donate $1-million to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund, in order to help those affected by the floods in Houston.

Perhaps he shouldn't have tagged CNN in the tweet, as they came back with the most epic of takedowns.

As always, Twitter users were quick to reply with their own criticisms of the Trump administration, with many doubting that the money will be sent at all.

Others applauded CNN for their boldness.

The situation in Houston is of course no laughing matter, as around 30 people are believed to have died and thousands of people have lost their homes.

You really have to question what Eric was hoping to achieve and convey with this tweet.

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