Eric Trump's claims that Barack Obama 'never went back to Chicago' have spectacularly backfired

Eric Trump's claims that Barack Obama 'never went back to Chicago' have spectacularly backfired

During an interview on Fox News, Eric Trump has boldly and falsely claimed that Barack Obama never returned to Chicago after he was elected president in 2008.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Eric Trump laid into the Democrats for around five minutes and accused them of doing nothing about Black Lives Matter protesters 'burning down churches.'

In perhaps the most bizarre moment of their conversation, Trump lambasted Obama for apparently never returning to the city where he was once a senator and never spoke out against the violence that rocked the area.

The 36-year-old said:

That's the difference between me and these politicians, Sean, they're all talk and no action. My father is the exact opposite. My father know...tremendous action. I mean Chicago, you reported on this better than anybody, Obama didn't even go back to Chicago.

He was literally never there. He never mentioned the violence. He never tried to help. He never offered federal assistance. He never offered to send in the feds or the military. The guy wasn't present anymore. He literally abandoned his city. 

The problem here is that Obama did return to Chicago many times and the city did benefit from there man being in the White House.

Beside the fact that he gave his famous victory speech in Chicago's Grant Park, Obama reportedly returned to the city where he had lived since the 1980s at least 19 times. This 2016 report from DNAInfothat many of his trips back to the Windy City were to show support to other politicians but he did also use his status to speak out against the gun violence in the city, using the city as the location for the 2015 International Association of Police Chiefs meeting. Clearly Trump missed this or was just angry about him not using the military to suppress his own citizens.

Even this BBC report from 2016 shows how parts of Chicago did improve but any change wasn't magically going to happen overnight, which is something that the current occupant of the White House likes to brag about but has hardly been successful in delivering. These trips don't even account for Obama

Obama even reportedly returned to Chicago in February 2017, just days after Trump replaced him as president.

As you can imagine, Trump's statement about Obama hasn't gone down too well at all, especially given who his father is, who now appears to spend more time on the golf course than he does in the White House.

Obama has thrown his full weight behind Joe Biden's campaign having delivered a scathing assessment of the president at last month's Democratic National Convention. With less than two months to go until the US election, Trump is still trailing Biden in most major polls.

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