Every UK county’s flag, in one map
De Vere Hotels

Do you know what your county's flag is? Did you even know your county has a flag?

Well it does.

Many of them are very old and traditional, though some have only been officially registered as recently as the last few years.

There’s a good chance there are plenty you’ve never seen before, but here they are, all handily put together on one map of the country, made by hotel chain De Vere.

Picture: De Vere Hotels

Can you name them all?

Some of the more recognisable ones include the Swords of Essex.

Picture: De Vere Hotels

And the White Rose of Yorkshire.

Picture: De Vere Hotels

Some are more unusual though, like the three dancing goats of Merionethshire in west Wales.

Picture: De Vere Hotels

Here are what they all are.

Picture: De Vere Hotels

HT: Metro

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