People are sharing examples of bigotry at Christian schools after Karen Pence and 'MAGA hat boy' uproars

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People on Twitter have decided to come forward to share their experiences at Christian schools with the hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools, and some of the stories of bigotry are incredibly shocking.

The hashtag started on Friday in response to news that Karen Pence, the second lady of the United States, was teaching art at the Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia - a school which teaches that homosexuality is 'immoral', and is therefore homophobic.

Twitter user Chris Stroop started the hashtag in order to call out Mike Pence and David French, a conservative writer who defended the school's homophobic policies.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

The hashtag then picked up added momentum after a video surfaced on Saturday of a group of youths from the Kentuky school Covington Catholic High School harassing an elderly Native American protestor at the Indiginous People's March in Washington, DC, while wearing 'Make America Great Again' caps.

Many people using the hashtag have shared thier experience of harmful and damaging behaviours that they experienced at Christian schools, promoting homophobia, misogyny, bullying and racism.

Some spoke of 'intense bullying'.

'White-washing' history.


Anti-abortion indoctrination.

And homophobia.

As well as some completely dodgy science.

Although others were positive about their religious education.

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