A Tory peer confronted Extinction Rebellion in his dressing gown and the jokes wrote themselves

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Extinction Rebellion's protest against the government's lack of action on climate change stepped up a notch this week as they brought disruption to central London.

The protestors occupied Trafalgar Square in a bid to have the powers that be declare a climate emergency, which despite grabbing headlines is yet to be fully put in place.

The group's actions are bound to divide opinions and one person who clearly isn't impressed at what XR have been doing is Tory peer Lord Fraser of Corriegarth who confronted them outside his house, wearing nothing but a dressing gown.

In an image captured by The Times photographer Jack Hill, the 72-year-old is pictured in his gown and slippers shaking his fist at a small group of activists who were marching down his street in Westminster on Tuesday.

The activists were said to be chanting, waving banners, handing out leaflets and banging drums much to the chagrin of Lord Fraser, who was keen to let them know how unimpressed he was about the whole thing.

According to Evening Standard, the Tory peer said that he had "had enough of the noise and disruption" and likened the group to "the marching bands in Northern Ireland."

Regardless of what Lord Fraser's opinions on XR and their efforts to raise awareness of climate change, the image of a man in a dressing gown shouting at a bunch of people just trying to do their best for the planet proved ripe for the joke treatment.

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