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Continuing her crusade against the children who are doing more to protest climate change than politicians, Julia Hartley-Brewer took to Twitter to shame Extinction Rebellion for going to Mcdonald's.

Posting a photo of some members of the group queueing for their food, she said:

Spotted in Westminster: Extinction Rebellion protesters queuing for lunch at...McDonalds. You. Couldn't. Make. This. Stuff. Up. If. You. Tried.

The backlash came pretty quickly, with people mocking the political commentator for apparently shaming the protestors just for needing to have lunch like everyone else.

While eating McDonald's meat maybe isn't the best thing for the environment, the idea that everyone either needs to be perfect or not bother isn't helping anyone.

Plus, a few members of the protest wanting a Big Mac doesn't exactly invalidate the whole effort. Perspective and all that...

But some people agreed with Hartley-Brewer too.

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