Sky News' Faisal Islam turns around mid-live broadcast to criticise Brexiteer protestor who calls Theresa May a 'traitor'

Sky News' Faisal Islam turns around mid-live broadcast to criticise Brexiteer protestor who calls Theresa May a 'traitor'

A protestor has called Theresa May a 'traitor' during a live broadcast, and Sky News' political editor Faisal Islam was literally having none of it.

Usually the cool-headed professional, it seems that Brexit-mania has even got to veteran political journalist.

During a live broadcast outside Downing Street, explaining what went on in the latest cabinet meeting, Islam was about to cut back to Kay Burley in the studio, when an anti-EU protestor wearing a UKIP rosette decided to take the opportunity to air his views.

The man started shouting 'treason' behind Islam, and that's when he finally lost his cool.

Turning around, he said:

Why did you just shout treason? How is that helpful?

The man, who was holding a banner, replied:

She acted against the interests of the country.

But, Islam retorted:

You may disagree with her, but why use the word treason?

In response, the protestor said:

Because she's a traitor, that's what she is, look the word up in the dictionary, that's what the word means.

The protestor then insisted that 'truth hurts'. But not one to give up, Islam laboured on with his point:

No, no, you think it's the truth, but we have politics so we can mediate between differences of opinion. 

You're saying if they don't agree with your opinion they're traitors, so how does that help?

The Brexiteer then continues to argue his point.

We live in a free country, I'm allowed to say that.

Because she's acting against the interests of the country. Have you noticed how comfortable she is when she's with her friends in Brussels?

How more comfortable she is when she's in Europe compared to the place over the road?

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Burley then quipped:

Faisal has had his three Shredded Wheat today, hasn’t he?

The comments come as the word 'treason' becomes more and more frequently used in political discourse, especially in relation to Brexit. In Friday's pro-Brexit protests, placards reading 'Treason May' were held as thousands marched in London.

The Brexit tensions come as a cross-party group of senior MPs launched a bid to stop a no-deal Brexit by tabling a bill requiring the prime minister to extend negotiations beyond 12 April, reports the Evening Standard.

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