Brexit: Piers Morgan gets roasted for saying 'No Deal is actually Brexit'


Since the Brexit vote in 2016, everyone has been arguing about what exactly Brexit means.

Theresa May spent the first few months of her premiership saying “Brexit means Brexit” but, unsurprisingly, that didn’t clear much up.

There’s the Irish border, potential customs union, single market membership and free movement all to consider.

There was a time that of politicians liked to say Brexit was easy, but no one seems to be saying that now.

Well, not quite no one, because Piers Morgan seems to think it’s all very simple.

Of course, Brexit is anything but simple. We certainly don’t remember seeing mass food and medication shortages on the ballot, which has been predicted by experts in the event of No Deal.

Naturally, people were quick to put Morgan in his place, pointing out that his view isn't compatible with the reality of Brexit or the 2016 referendum campaign.

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