Halloween 2018: Fashion Nova sells offensive 'geisha' costume

Fashion Nova screegrab and Twitter

Online clothing company Fashion Nova is being criticised for a culturally insensitive Halloween costume.

The retailer has decided to use a traditional ceremonial Japanese dress as partywear.

Using a mishmash of detail from Japanese culture, the ‘Geisha’ costume features a kimono-looking dress tied together with an obi sash that reveals a miniskirt underneath.

The look is finished off with hair sticks and retails at $50 (£38).

Just, no.

Geishas are part of the fabric of Japanese cultural tradition: Geishas are highly trained female musicians who historically used dance and singing as a form of entertainment.

People online are calling out the company for cultural appropriation.

Other people criticised the look for its short skirt, as the sexualised outfit could perpetuate the misconception that geisha are sex workers.

Fashion Nova did not immediately return a request for comment.

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