People are actually trying to ban ‘fat Santas’ from shopping centres

People are actually trying to ban ‘fat Santas’ from shopping centres
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There are calls from some to ban “fat” Santas from shopping centres as a doctor claimed it sends the “wrong message” to children.

Health expert Dr Vincent Candrawinata has called for all fat Santa Claus to be banned as overweight Father Christmases to set a bad example and promotes binge eating.

Dr Candrawinata is a health and wellness expert and researcher at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. He explained that he wants a fit Santa to become the new norm.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Dr Candrawinata said: “We shouldn't expect Santa to be fat because that sends the wrong message.

“I want to fight the stigma that you need to eat a lot and overindulge to celebrate festivities and be joyful. Being overweight should not be associated with happiness.”

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But, the idea has received far from universal support. Peter Hogg, a Santa entertainer who had dressed up as the festive icon for more than 12 years, suggested the idea of a “skinny Santa” was ridiculous.

Hogg said: “'A skinny Santa takes away from the mystery and mystique of Santa Claus throughout the ages.”

He argued that, on the contrary, Santas have to be strong to hold lots of children all day and claimed he’s never heard of any of his Santa entertainer colleagues becoming ill or having health issues because of their weight.

Hogg argued that Santa is “a bit round” rather than obese and suggested that the tradition should remain that way.

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