This map shows you the favourite baby names in each US state for a century

Michael Höhle

We love baby name data here at indy100, and we love maps.

In fact it was our great joy to bring you maps which showed how baby names in England and Wales changed in popularity over the years, broken down by region for girls...

...and boys.

Now, a similar map has popped up on reddit, showing similar data stateside, dating back to 1910.

The map, shared by reddit user inkoativ and made by Michael Höhle, an associate professor in mathematical statistics at Stockholm University in Sweden, showed the most popular baby name for girls and boys in each US state between 1910-2015.

The sudden changes between the years are mesmerising to watch:

Picture: Michael Höhle

The explanation for the sudden rise in "Linda", for example, was explained in another post:

You can read the full blog post of how the graphic was made, here.

HT Reddit

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