FedEx fires employee for mockingly reenacting George Floyd’s death in front of Black Lives Matter march

Screenshot / Twitter

During a Black Lives Matter protest in Franklinville, New Jersey on Monday, a group of men stood on the side antagonising the protesters by shamelessly recreating the tragic death of George Floyd on 25 March.

Next to a sign that read “All Lives Matter” and in front of a truck with the word “Trump” on the back, one of the men laid down on the floor while the other kneeled on his neck.

The man can be heard yelling:

This is what happens – comply with the cops. He's dead because he didn't comply.

Protesters captured the moment on video and it soon made its way to social media, where two of the men were identified as James (also known as Jim) and Joe Demarco.

After being tagged in the tweet, FedEx responded directly:

According to NBC Washington, Joe didn’t escape unscathed from the incident either, getting suspended as a corrections officer at Bayside State Prison.

A statement from the New Jersey Department of Corrections confirmed he was suspended and banned because of the incident:

But many believed he should be fired, not just suspended:

Mayor John Bruno said he was “appalled and saddened by the revolting actions of certain individuals.”

Protests have raged on across the world since the tragic death of George Floyd more than two weeks ago. The Black Lives Matter movement is protesting against police brutality and systemic racism.

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