This man's explanation of why young people should stop Brexit is flooring people

According to a YouGovsurvey conducted after the Brexit vote, 71 per cent of young people between the ages 18 and 24 votes to remain – compared to 60 per cent of those aged 50-64 years of age.

These statistics were seized on by Femi Oluwole, 27, as he appeared on Sky News in February to discuss Brexit - and his call to stop Britain leaving the EU floored people.

The under 55 population of the UK voted to Remain. So, in five years’ time by absolutely anyone’s maths, we have a population that voted to remain in the EU.

In that time will we have completed Brexit? Will we have all our own laws? Can you re-legislate the UK in five years? No. Will we have all our own trade deals? Can you make trade deals with hundreds of other countries in the world in five years? No.

So before Brexit is even close to completed we have a population that doesn’t want it. It will no longer be the will of the people.

Oluwole also launched an ‘Our Future Our Choice #StopBrexit’ campaign to encourage young people to fight Brexit. He encourages children to have difficult conversations about leaving the EU with their parents, advising them to tell their mothers and fathers:

‘Mum, dad… I didn't vote for this. Yes I still have more to learn in life, but I know that this future isn't the one we want. And quite simply, it's going to affect me a lot more than it will affect you. In terms of the economy, with all the conflicting facts out there, you can't be 100% certain that this won't make my life harder in future. I know you love me. I know you want me to be happy long into the future. So please, if the country gets the chance to vote on a final deal, give me the future that I want for myself’.

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