Fidget spinners in space are even better than on Earth


Fidget spinners are curious objects aren't they?

Like, they just spin and spin and spin... and then eventually stop, leaving you with no alternative but to spin again.

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning...


While their appeal is (supposedly) limited down on Earth, in space they are basically the most amazing thing you'll ever see.

This bold claim has been backed up by this mesmerising video from NASA astronaut, Randy Bresnik, on board the International Space Station.

Fidget spinners, spinning on their own in mid-air? Mind blowing.

People spinning when holding a fidget spinner that is also space? What is going on?

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Bresnik and his fellow astronauts are yet to confirm how long the spinner will rotate for on its own but it is likely to be a long time, due to the lack of gravity and friction in space.

Take that, friction.

In his captain's video Bresnik says:

Allowing the fidget spinner to float reduces the bearing friction by permitting the rate of the central ring and outer spinner to equalize, and the whole thing spins as a unit.

To be honest we don't really care how long it spins for, all we know is that it looks like loads of fun and it seems that a lot of other people agree.

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