Finally! A Donald Trump endorsement to put our minds at ease...

Finally! A Donald Trump endorsement to put our minds at ease...

This is Piers Morgan.

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You may remember him from the time he didn't know anything about phone hacking at the newspaper he edited.

Or that time he fell off a segway.

Or when he thought the Pope retiring was a conspiracy theory.

Likes a good bandwagon, our Piers does.

So it might not surprise you to learn that he spoke on Radio 4's Today programme on Wednesday to talk about why Donald Trump isn't such a bad choice for the Republican presidential nomination after all:

I personally wouldn’t vote for Trump, however as a Republican candidate successful in this election he’s tapped into the popular mood about a number of hot button issues.

That's right: Morgan, currently US editor-at-large for MailOnline, has come out and said that Trump should have a shot at Making America Great Again.

Morgan said he was "very impressed" with Trump's performance during the primary campaigns to date. He called the improbably haired property billionaire smart and warm and praised his sense of perspective and ability to “play people like a concert conductor”.

All that stuff about Mexicans being rapists and banning all Muslims from the US? Morgan says:

When I see Trump being more outrageous in some of the things that he’s saying and doing now, I think he’s just doing that just to grab media attention and I think the reality of a Trump presidency, if it came to it, would be an awful lot more moderate.

I would treat almost everything he says in this campaign cycle with a lot of scepticism... He is, like all campaigners in every election, saying a lot of stuff purely designed to get votes.

Morgan and Trump have been friends for more than a decade, and have appeared on the US version of Celebrity Apprentice together.

I read Trump’s going to be the new Hitler and I find that an absolutely facile way of looking at a guy who’s basically a right-wing Richard Branson.

Trump cleaned up on Super Tuesday yesterday, winning at least seven of the 11 states who voted in the most important day in the American presidential race so far.

The results mean he is very likely to become the Republican candidate running against Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, who has also won seven states at the time of writing.

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