This beautiful quote is at Finsbury Park station after a terror attack on Muslims

Charlie Robertson‏/Katie Forster/Twitter

A van crashed into worshippers near a Mosque in Finsbury Park, North London, early Monday morning.

The attack, which is being treated by police as a terrorist incident, has left one person dead whilst eight other victims are being treated in hospital.

The driver of the van has since been arrested on suspicion of murder, the Metropolitan Police have confirmed.

Although it is not yet confirmed whether the deceased victim died as a direct result of the incident.

This is the third terrorist incident in London this year and the fourth to hit the UK, given the Manchester Arena bombing in May.

It also comes days after the devastating Grenfell tower fire, which has left 58 presumed dead, with 30 already confirmed within that number.

After this London incidents, Tube station signs have become a regular source of inspiration.

A worker at Finsbury Park station left the perfect message for commuters this morning.

Messages like this have recently become a great platform for spreading hope and rallying against fear.

Here are a few after the Westminster attack in March.

And here are a few following the London Bridge and Borough Market attack on June 3rd.

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