Watch the incredible moment firefighters were clapped out of Grenfell

Getty / Jack Taylor

It has been hard to spot much positive news since the Grenfell fire tragedy.

The blaze which has left 58 presumed dead, including the 30 already confirmed, has left many questions to be answered in the form of a judge-led independent inquiry, as announced by Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this week.

Firefighters have been working non-stop since Tuesday night to put out the fire and discover what happened to start the blaze.

In the first weekend since the tragedy, the entire community has turned out to thank the firefighters, applauding them as they left the area on Sunday afternoon.

LBC radio reporter Vincent McAviney was on site to capture this special moment.

An ice cream van also pitched up underneath the westway road and started handing free ice creams - most welcome on a warm summer Sunday.

Then there was singing from the Latymer Community Church as people from all backgrounds joined for a moment of reflection.

As more firefighters arrived to relieve their colleagues the public greeted them with further applause.

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn was also on site, paying tribute to the victims and the community, whilst also demanding that the interim report be published sooner rather than later.

Also present were the Church of Scientology, Ireland, who constructed a stand - but McAviney reported that their presence wasn't welcome.

People have shown appreciation for the clips:

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