Fitness blogger exaggerates photos to prove a point about Instagram

Instagram/ Amie-Jane

Instagram trends come and go like they are going out of fashion these days.

That's why it's good to call out things like #Instafit and other trends that are mostly reductive and unhelpful.

There are also loads of ways that models exaggerate their shape in order to overstate certain things about their body.

This has been the personal mission of fitness blogger Amie-Jane, who is a one-woman army against the negative stuff you tend to see on the platform.

My demonstrating just how easy it is to exaggerate poses and manipulate your body on Instagram, Amie-Jane has become a viral hit, earning over 17,000 followers in the process.

Her before and after photos are very popular.

She has also shown just how easy it to make a difference to your body by changing how you wear your clothes.

And how posing is basically a bit of lie to make yourself look better.

One of her most recent images showed how unnatural posing didn't illustrate who she was as a person at all.

With her posts routinely receiving hundreds of likes Amie-Jane is proving herself to be a force for good against the falseness of Instagram.

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