Some people think the solar eclipse proved that the Earth is flat


The idea of a flat Earth did exist in ancient cultures - Norse mythology for example said a giant serpent surrounded a flat, circular ocean. But by the time of Aristotle, the idea that Earth was spherical was commonplace.

Despite this, the Flat Earth Society was established in 1956, and today has a website for discussing flat Earth theories. They also have merch for some reason.

Being a flat-Earther does not necessarily have anything to do with actually believing the Earth is flat, it's more about a way of thinking.

How do I know something? Do I know it for myself? Or have I simply believed something because it was told to me? If this is so, am I in any position to tell people I know it because of reasoning or science?

These are just a few of the concepts that orbit the flat-Earther's domain.

But for some of them, it is entirely about the planet being completely flat; and for those devoted followers of the moment, the eclipse which took place on Monday across the United States was a problem.

How can the moon pass between the earth and the sun, blocking it out at multiple points if the Earth is flat?

It did not fit with their world view, so therefore it had to have been faked.

Therefore, they took the photos supplied by Nasa as an opportunity to do their favourite thing: Create a low res video, with a lot of slow zooms on still images, and call it 'proof' of a cover up. Maybe add something from the Inception score if you're feeling adventurous.

Here's one almost 12-minute-long example:

(Video contains some strong language)

Here at indy100, we know this only one truth about a total eclipse.

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