Ever since sexual harassment has become a widely discussed topic, there have been people complaining about how the #MeToo movement has ruined flirting.

This was especially the case after the allegations against Aziz Ansari were made in January 2018.

But no one has managed to sum it up quite as well as comedian Kate Willett, who articulated the clear black-and-white difference between flirting and sexual harassment in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

In the lengthy post, Willett explains how the two should never be viewed as the same, calling good flirting "fundamentally empathetic", while sexual harassment fundamentally "devoid of empathy". She ends her argument by saying:

You're comparing a paint brush to a wrecking ball.

Her well-formulated opinion struck a chord with many, who thanked her for being so spot on with her words.

There is no doubt that this post contains some serious truths to live by.

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