It feels like every four years, the same thing happens: people of all political stripes watch Florida to see how it’s going to vote in the presidential election.

Florida is the most populous swing state and a huge prize for presidential candidates hoping to win the White House. Barack Obama won it twice and in 2016 it was pivotal to Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton.

Even as we’re writing this, the results in Florida have changed several times. First Biden was winning, then Trump came back, and it flipped back and forth several times before Trump began to pull away.

There’s still lots of votes still to be counted, but a surprisingly strong performance for Trump in Miami Dade seems to have been key in him pulling ahead in the state. Florida is no stranger to dramatic surprises, but as we write this it looks as though Trump is going to hold on to the sunshine state that he won in 2016. (Though please don't quote us on that).

Naturally, given the closeness of the result, people have felt frustrated and anxious about Florida’s polling.

On both sides, Florida has been keeping people up late, sipping coffee (and stronger things) to cope with all the drama.

Twitter users have a lot to say about Florida being so dramatic yet again.

We all have a dramatic and unpredictable friend like Florida, don't we?

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