Man goes on Porsche and Rolex shopping spree with 'fake' cheques 'printed from his computer'

A 2020 Icarus story emerged over the weekend of a Florida man who reportedly used fake cheques made at home to go on an audacious shopping spree before being caught.

Casey William Kelley, 42, allegedly bought a Porsche 911 Turbo at a local dealership on 28 July, reports the New York Post.

The car cost $140,000,000, which Kelley paid for via cheque.

The dealership allowed Kelley to drive away in his new toy, only attempting to cash the cheque once he’d left.

It was then they reported the Porsche as stolen, believing the cheque to be fake.

By then Kelley had already allegedly attempted to go on another spending spree, when he tried to buy Rolex watches from a jeweller in Miramar Beach.

This is where his wings were clipped though; the jeweller kept both the watches and the cheques until they were satisfied the money would clear, which it did not.

Kelley was then reported to the police and taken into custody, at which point he was also booked for stealing the Porsche.

It was then that he reportedly admitted to the authorities that he’d actually made the cheques at home, on his PC.

Which is a pretty interesting use of lockdown time.

Quite… creative, one might say.

What do they say? Live fast, get caught in… middle-age?

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