This is the food that makes men's sweat smell more attractive

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Rejoice vegetarians! You smell sexy.

Women prefer the scent of men who consume large amounts of fruit and vegetables.

A 2015 study claimed men should eat more garlic for a more attractive odour, but in January of this year a study from researchers at Macquarie University, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, found that vegetables and fruit were key.

Researchers took sweat from men with varying diets, asking women to rate the sweat for smell. They also asked the men to record a written diary of their average food intake.

The scientists then had the men wear fresh T-shirts and exercise. Women smelled the shirts afterwards and rated it for:

how much they liked it, how floral, how fruity.

Men who ate more fruits and vegetables were significantly associated with more pleasant sweat, and were described more often as having a "floral, fruity, and sweet" scent.

High carbohydrate intake was associated with stronger-smelling and less pleasant sweat.

The findings echoed those of a 2009 study, which found people who ate more fruit and vegetables were seen as more attractive to the opposite sex.

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