The Tories want every family to be 15 minutes away from a 'great' football pitch. But people have other ideas

Louis Staples
Sunday 08 December 2019 09:45

With just a week to go before the general election, it seems that even football has become political.

After facing criticism that their manifesto wasn’t very inspiring, the Tories have announced a string of football-related policies. The flagship football idea is making sure that every family in England is, on average, “no more than 15 minutes away” from a “great” football pitch.

But people have other ideas.

On social media, people weren’t exactly convinced this was a high priority idea – even football fans. Of course sport is important, but lots of people said that they’d rather be 15 minutes away from a “great” hospital, school, library or police station instead.

Gary Lineker soon got involved. He responded to former Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan’s tweet, which said that the Tories would “bring football home”, saying that it was hypocritical given the cuts to local authorities that Morgan’s party have presided over.

On Twitter, people were similarly irked by the idea.

The announcement of this new policy idea comes shortly after former England footballer Gary Neville lambasted Boris Johnson's rhetoric on immigration, which he claims is "fuelling" racism in football.

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