Science says there are four types of drunks

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Mary Poppins, Ernest Hemingway, The Nutty Professor and Mr Hyde walk into a bar....

You might not typically associate those four individuals but they can all now be combined thanks to alcohol.

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A study conducted by the University of Missouri at Colombia, and published by Addiction Research and Theory, has found that those four can define what kind of drunk you are.

Researchers asked 374 undergraduates from a large Midwestern university: "In the past 30 days, how many times have you had five or more drinks at a single sitting?"

Participants then had to rank their answer on an eight point scale which ranged from "I have not drank five or more drinks for the past 30 days" to "every day".

The reason the limit started at five was because five or more drinks in one session has been found to relate to more alcohol related harm, which includes; drink driving, personal problems, and drunken sex.

They were also asked: "In the past 30 days, when you were drinking alcohol, how many drinks did you usually have on any one occasion?"

Answers to that question were placed on a 1 to 12 scale, in accordance with how many drinks they had consumed (i.e 1 = 1, 12 = 12 or more).

Once they obtained all their results, the drinking habits were attributed to the four characters from popular culture and literature.

Ernest Hemingway

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The biggest group, around 40 per cent of those surveyed, were the Hemingways.

The acclaimed author was well known for his love of alcohol and frequently wrote about it in his books.

Although you might presume that being associated with someone so fond of drinking might be a bad thing, it is actually not the case.

The Hemingways in the survey were placed into this group as they show virtually no personality changes when they are drunk.

Mary Poppins

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Let's be honest, everyone would want to be in the Mary Poppins group, as it is "practically perfect in every way."

Although Mary isn't someone seen to be knocking back shots of whiskey, she is very nice and pleasant to everyone she meets.

That's exactly the quality the drinkers in this group possess when they've had a few.

They get sweeter and happier with every drop they drink. They sound like the ideal partner on a night out.

The Nutty Professor

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Yes, that Nutty Professor.

In case you haven't seen either of the Eddie Murphy movies, or the Jerry Lewis one from the 60s, it is about a shy and reclusive professor who transforms himself into an outgoing, flamboyant, but obnoxious character after taking a potion.

He's basically a different person, but this doesn't exactly happen to the members of the survey who were placed into this category.

The study found that these Nutty Professors found a more extroverted and social side to themselves after a few drinks, with many leaving their inhibitions at the door.

Mr Hyde

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You can probably guess where this one is going.

We've all know that one person who turns into an absolute monster after a few too many.

Those people are definitely Mr. Hydes and they fall into the fourth and final group in this study.

According to the survey, they are described as:

Particularly less responsible, less intellectual, and more hostile when under the influence of alcohol.

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