When Christmas comes around each year, it’s important to think of those who are in less fortunate circumstances.

When the tinsel appears each year, health problems don’t magically fix themselves. Except, in a Christmas miracle, that’s exactly what’s happened to one four-year-old girl.

Phalynn Graham, from Missouri, has has spent all of her life inside the walls of a hospital Ranken-Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital after being born with poorly developed lungs.

But this week, just before Christmas, medical staff gave the her permission to go home for the first time ever. Her parents couldn’t be more overjoyed by the news, telling a local news station:

It's like un-explainable.

Sadly, Graham’s dad passed away when she was just two months old and her mother has ongoing health problems of her own, which require her to undergo dialysis three days a week.

Mother Tarvarshay Graham said:

We lost her dad when she was two months old so I haven't enjoyed my baby because she hasn't been home.

Social worker Ranken-Jordan, who works with the family, has been thrilled to see the young girl’s progress.

She runs around the hospital, literally runs around the hospital. It's amazing to watch.

It just goes to show that, sometimes, Christmas miracles do happen. Though this year let’s keep those who aren’t so fortunate in our thoughts.

H/T: Newsweek

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