Fox News accused of cropping Donald Trump out of photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
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Over the weekend, Ghislaine Maxwell was taken into custody.

Maxwell is widely considered to be the right hand woman to Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire convicted sex offender who was arrested last year.

He died in his jail cell, which also led to many conspiracy theories that his death was a cover-upm although it was officially deemed a suicide.

Epstein had links to several powerful people which were slowly uncovered by investigators last year. For the last year, investigators have been looking for Maxwell, who was often accused of being the person that brought underage girls to Epstein.

There are several accounts of an island that Epstein is alleged to have run, where powerful people would interact with underage women.

However, images and videos of her – in the background of many big events, and with celebrities like Elon Musk and Kevin Spacey – have proliferated on social media. People have pointed out that the Trumps and the Clintons alike have been in photographs with her.

However, Fox News appeared to air a version of a photo in which Donald Trump was cropped out. The picture of Epstein and Maxwell aired over the weekend as part of a news segment on the story.

Melania Trump is still in the photo, and it’s evident that there is a hand around her waist. However, it’s debatable whether she’s actually that recognisable.

On social media, people thought it was hardly surprising that Fox News altered photos. People also pointed out that it's not the only photo that Trump is in with Epstein and Maxwell, and that there's footage of them interacting at parties.

Maxwell has been hiding out ever since Epstein was arrested, but she was found in a house in Maine this past weekend.

She is reportedly awaiting trial in the US, although she is British.

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