Fox News guest gets Ocasio-Cortez's name wrong and claims environmentalists don't know what grass is

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal has infuriated Republicans so much that they no longer know how to pronounce their name and are confused about what animals are made out of.

At least that's what has happened to one member of the American right who made an appearance as an audience guest on Friday's edition of Fox and Friends.

Host Ainsley Earhardt was asking the room how they felt about Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal and approached Gary, who was defined as a 'farmer friend' to ask who he felt.

Let's just say that Gary was apoplectic about the deal and felt the need to tell Ocasio-Cortez what that green stuff on the ground that cows consume really is.

Many environmentalists and OAC being one of them do not realise that America is covered in grass.

And 75 per cent of a cow or a beef animal’s body weight is made up of grass, which we cannot eat so we would be eliminating a livelihood of a huge population of the United States and their production of beef.

There aren't any typos or mistakes in that quote. That's what Gary actually said and it would be an understatement to say that there's a lot to dissect.

Firstly Gary completely botches the Congresswoman's moniker of 'AOC' by calling her 'OAC', which is probably the most unforgivable sin of his entire statement.

Then things get really weird when he claims that AOC and environmentalists "do not realise that America is covered in grass". If this is true, lord knows what they thought those green blades of herba (to use the Latin) just sitting on the ground outside is.

Gary then claims that a "cow or a beef animal's body weight is made up of grass". Woah... slow down Gary. 'Beef animal?'

Cattle aren't made out of beef, Gary. They are made out of meat which is then cut and roasted until it is the culinary meal known as beef.

Gary then contradicts himself by claiming that cows are made of grass, as well as beef, which we cannot eat. What are they made out of Gary? We need to know.

According to experts you can eat around 65 per cent of trimmed boneless beef from a cow so Gary may want to consult his local butcher before sharing any more facts about the genetic make-up of a cow.

Needless to say, Gary's short and bizarre statement has gone viral and the entire is completely baffled as to what he is on about.

HT The Daily Beast

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