Fox News host tells Trump lawyers ‘you don’t deserve to win if you’re that stupid’

Fox News host tells Trump lawyers ‘you don’t deserve to win if you’re that stupid’

During Donald Trump's presidency, we've become accustomed to hearing prominent Fox News hosts go above and beyond to defend some of his actions. That's why it's sometimes refreshing to hear some of the more nonsensical stuff called out for what it is.

Laura Ingraham, a primetime anchor for Fox who has been a staunch defender of the president in the past, interviewed Georgia senator David Perdue on Thursday ahead of the runoff elections for the state’s two senate seats on 5 January. 

Trump lost Georgia during the presidential election, one of the biggest shocks of the race, leading Republicans in the state to question what they need to do in order to win back some voters that they may have lost.

On her TV show, Ingraham asked Perdue:

"What do you say to those suburbanites? There’s a lot of women in the Atlanta suburbs, especially those who maybe don’t like Donald Trump’s style. They like the results of the policies, but they didn’t like his style. What you say now to them, given what’s at stake on January 5th?"

In response, Purdue said:

"We talked to a lot of them in the last several years actually, particularly this year. They want to know when to get their lives back to normal. Worried about the safety of their kids, neighborhoods, so forth. A lot of people who voted maybe voted against Trump for whatever reason, we think may be coming back to us because they see the value of split ticket."

Ingraham then shifted the conversation slightly and asked Purdue if Republican voters need to see their party united after weeks of turmoil.

The fallout from the election has seen Trump and his team pour out a deluge of false claims and conspiracy theories, none of which have proven to be true about election fraud and Democrats supposedly fixing the election for a Biden win.

This pursuit of baseless claims and misinformation has even seen members of Trump's legal team, namely Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, claim at a rally in Atalanta on Wednesday that Georgia is heading for "another rigged election" in January while attacking the states Republican governor and even encouraging Georgian voters to not participate in the election.

In a mocking tone aimed at the likes of Powell and Wood, Ingraham said:

"Do the suburbanites need a reunited Republican party or do they need to people running around saying ‘Oh don’t vote and January 5th because that would be perpetuating a corrupt process? When I heard that the other day I almost fell out of my chair. You almost don’t deserve to win if you’re that stupid, I’m sorry."

As MediatITE points out, Ingraham did interview Powell on her show shortly after Biden was declared as president-elected where she did push back on some of her claims but also let some go completely unchallenged. 

As has been well documented, many of the theories and supposed evidence of voter fraud brought forward by Trump's legal team has been debunked and dismissed from courts.

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