Fury as Fox News host Tucker Carlson goes on ‘dangerous’ rant about BLM and Capitol riots

Fury as Fox News host Tucker Carlson goes on ‘dangerous’ rant about BLM and  Capitol riots

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson has been condemned on social media for claiming that Black Lives Matter protests last year were responsible for the attack on the US Capitol in January.

In the clip, the host accuses Democrats of lying about the Capitol riots and the circumstances which led to George Floyd’s death.

“They used the sad death of a man called George Floyd to upend our society. Months later we learned that the story they told us about George Floyd’s death was an utter lie.  

“There was no physical evidence that George Floyd was murdered by a cop. The autopsy showed that George Floyd almost certainly died of a drug overdose - fentanyl – but at that point, facts didn’t matter.”

Floyd was killed in May 2020 after a Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee against his neck, pinning him to the ground. 

Carlson’s comments came despite two separate autopsy reports later ruling that Floyd’s death was by homicide.

He added: “Democratic partisans used a carefully concocted myth – a lie – to bum-rush America into turning over the old order, and handing them much more power. 

“It worked flawlessly, so why wouldn’t they do it again?”

The host’s remarks faced fierce backlash on social media, with Twitter users describing it as “dangerous” and “pure propaganda”:

Carlson’s assertion that “scores of people” had been killed during the BLM protests was also challenged by some:

Just another day in a very divided America.

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