Video shows that Fox News is obsessed with phoney wars on literally anything

<p>“Paternity leave, they call it” </p>

Tucker Carlson is one of the many hosts obsessed with fighting these fake wars.

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A new supercut video from The Recount showcases the obsession Fox News has with fighting fake wars.

Fox News is known for hyping up the supposed “War on Christmas”, blaming everything from democrats in office to red Starbucks holiday cups. The supercut montage, entitled “The Forever Wars” was created by political media company The Recount. The video counts up a total of over 50 nonexistent wars.

According to Fox News, there’s a war on Thanksgiving, fun, and straws. One host quips, “Joe Biden declared war on freedom yesterday.”

“There is a war on hot dogs,” claims another.

The topics become more absurd as the video progresses, citing wars on cars, men, appetizers, and cows. In one instance, Tucker Carlson confidently declares that there is “now a war on styrofoam.”

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A comment on the video sums up Fox News’s tactics in one simple statement: “Fear sells and the sheep are hungry.” Another reads: “Sounds like there is a war on nuance going on.”

Just last week, the network was criticized for attempting to resurrect the “War on Christmas” by blaming President Joe Biden for a potential shortage of toys that may affect the upcoming holiday season. Both The Ingraham Angle and Hannity ran graphics that depicted Biden as Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch, despite the fact that the supply chain shortage is a global issue impacted directly by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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