Frankie Boyle put the final nail in Paul Golding's political coffin on Friday night when he took a swing at Britain First's London mayoral candidate on Have I Got News For You.

The Scottish comedian was presenting the show and was joined by guest panellists Julia Hartley-Brewer and Adil Ray.

Naturally, the first topic covered on the satirical show was the mayoral elections, including the moment Golding turned away from London's new leader Sadiq Khan.

Golding, a picture of far-right intolerance, turned his back on Khan, a Muslim, when he was announced as the new mayor.

Boyle quips that Golding was probably just 'facing Mecca' rather than posturing in protest:

Golding's ridiculous little affront was ridiculed on Twitter, too. Boyle wasn't the first to make the joke.

And there were other amusing ideas too that might explain the Britain First candidate's stunt.

It wasn't just Golding in the firing line last night. Boyle directed his banter at Zac Goldsmith's failed campaign, too.

Lynton Crosby, the Tory election strategist, was knighted earlier this month for his services to UK politics amid controversy surrounding Goldsmith's campaign.

Some feel Goldsmith's own campaign was xenophobic and possibly Islamophobic too.

On Have I Got News For You, Boyle mused that perhaps Crosby was knighted in the 'context of The Crusades'.

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