Fresh breath isn't a dating “deal-breaker” for Gen Z compared to Boomers

Fresh breath isn't a dating “deal-breaker” for Gen Z compared to Boomers

Fresh breath isn't a dating “deal-breaker” for Gen Z compared to Boomers

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Dates having a winning smile is a preferred trait among baby boomers compared to previous generations, with 97 per cent only leaning in for a kiss if their date has good oral hygiene, a new survey reveals.

In a study conducted by leading mouthwash brand Listerine. 1,500 daters were surveyed across the UK to uncover the nation’s biggest dating dealbreakers.

And the responses show that the older you become, oral hygiene becomes a bigger deal in the dating game.

While fresh breath is a priority for any dating generation, the over 55s place a higher importance on oral health than Gen Z, with 86 per cent of baby boomers ranking this as very important compared to only 67 per cent of the younger generation.

Almost half (45 per cent) of Gen X even went as far as to say that bad breath was very likely to be a deal breaker in a potential romantic relationship.

The study uncovered the oral hygiene routines people use prior to a date, with those aged 55 and above making sure to brush their teeth (91 per cent), use mouthwash (75 per cent), and floss (47 per cent).

In contrast, chewing gum is preferred among the younger generation (62 per cent), followed by popping breath mints (53 per cent), and even brightening their smiles with teeth whitening (26 per cent) before a big date.

But 1 in 5 Gen Z is more comfortable bringing up the awkward topic of a person's bad breath (21 per cent), compared with just six per cent of those aged 65 and over, who also admitted they would feel somewhat uncomfortable discussing this with a romantic partner.

Eleanor Healy, Senior Brand Manager at Listerine, commented: "Our research suggests that the older we get, the more oral hygiene is likely to be an important factor when dating. As a brand that’s dedicated to good oral health, we understand that as people age their risk of dental complications increases.

“However, regardless of what age you are, it’s never too late to start prioritising your oral health. Not only is good oral hygiene paramount to healthy gums and teeth, and fresh breath, but a strong smile can also boost your self-esteem and help you feel more confident during those intimate moments.”

To find out more about the UK’s results on oral hygiene and dating, and view the Dental Dating Checklist, visit the website here.

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