These friends flew to Spain to hang out... Because it was cheaper than getting the train

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If you're not savvy about it, train tickets can be a major financial expense.

Sure, if you book months in advance, and know what fares to look for, you can get a bargain. But if you’re a normal person with a life and job, you know that’s not going to happen. You often just end up paying through the nose for a ticket the night before.

Two friends found a clever alternative though – instead of paying crazy prices on British trains, it was cheaper to fly to Spain to meet up.

University friends Lucy Walker, 27, and Zara Quli, 26, planned to have a little reunion.

Lucy is from Newcastle, and she intended to get the train down to meet Zara in Birmingham. But that was going to cost a whopping £105.

But then she found she could get a Ryanair flight to Malaga from just £19.98.

Newcastle to Malaga is 1,350 miles, as opposed to the 200 mile journey to Birmingham. But it was just a fifth of the price.

Lucy was able to get a Birmingham to Malaga flight for £55.59, and with a hostel only costing £10 per night, they decided to spend three days in sunny Spain instead. True, they may have missed out on the delights of the Midlands, but the 20C temperature probably helped make up for that.

Lucy also explained to Metro that they saved money out there as well:

Everything is cheaper out there, lots of things that add up in the UK, like the transport to get from the airport into the city is just one euro eighty, about £1.50.

It works out a lot cheaper when you go out for a drink too. The law in Granada is they have to bring you tapas when you order drinks. They start off quite basic but by the time you are on your third drink they start to bring out prawns and things.

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