Absolute legend has just given us pizza goals by proving it's possible to get a delivery to your train

It's never too early to open a can of lager on an intercity train, and it’s now been proven possible to get take-away delivered to your carriage to go with it.

Without having to resort to shenanigans involving the emergency break or a feigned illness, producer DJ Artwork managed to get Dominos delivered to Darlington Station and onto his train before it pulled away.

Having realised his five-hour journey from Glasgow to Sheffield this weekend would be lacking a buffet car, he decided to embark on what became a winning escapade.

Obviously once he’d tweeted his grand plans, the people of the internet became much invested as events transpired.

Things got a bit tense while he was waiting.

But the daring maneuver was pulled off without a hitch.

Staff on board were also treated to the spoils of his victory (the spoils being a ham, mushroom, beef and pineapple Pizza Legend).

He’s since repeated the miracle at Kettering.

The joyous news has been hailed as a new era of train travel.

Comedian Chris Ramsay pulled off a similar feat in 2014. Now we have double confirmation!

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