Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware that Laurence Fox did very badly indeed in the London mayoral election.

Despite his arrogance and blustering Fox came sixth in the race and, after securing just 1.9 per cent of the vote, lost his £10,000 deposit.

As a result, people took to Twitter to roast the would-be politician, listing all the people – and things – that have performed better than he did, for instance, noting that there are more branches of Pret a Manger in London than there were Fox voters.

The returning mayor himself couldn’t help but join in the fun.

Rather than directly lambast his thwarted rival for the post, Sadiq Khan simply replied to someone else’s tweet.

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It pointed out that a 1998 song by Fox’s ex-wife Billie Piper sold more copies in its opening week than Fox got votes.

Here’s how Khan responded:

People loved his subtle dig, while also supporting his taste in music:

And despite his addiction to Twitter, Fox has appeared not to notice the jibe or, if he did, he has ignored it.

Instead, he opted to post a video criticising Max Fosh - who ran with the sole aim of getting more votes than Fox. (He came second last).

In the background someone from Fox’s staff who filmed the exchange can be heard asking “shall we stop him?”

We look forward to seeing what’s next for Fox, while Khan settles in to his second term.

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