GB News suffers more embarrassment after airing question from a man with his bum out

GB News suffers more embarrassment after airing question from a man with his bum out

GB News has been on the air for less than a week and they already have a list of gaffes that would make most people reconsider their career choices.

The channel has been hit by seemingly never-ending technical issues and, on Wednesday, saw a number of people troll the station like Bart and Lisa Simpson by using fake, rude names in emails that were somehow read out on air. Veteran newsreader Simon McCoy was not impressed.

You’d hope after all that that someone in the producer's box would demand that the content being sent in from the public is moderated. Alas, that wasn’t the case - as someone got their backside out on the Tonight Live with Dan Wootton show on Wednesday night.

This occurred during Wootton’s interview with outspoken former London mayor candidate Laurence Fox, who was taking questions from the public. The video they cut to came from Adam Pacitti, who said: “Hello, I am a great fan of your work and also a great fan of comedy. I am a man who loves to laugh. I am of the belief that either one can joke about everything or nothing at all because somebody will always be offended by a joke. What are your thoughts on this?”

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment as Adam’s backside is only briefly visible - but it should have been picked up before it went on air as he clearly makes a very deliberate move with his camera so his derrière is visible in the mirror behind him.

Somehow, Wootton or Fox didn’t notice this but eagle-eyed viewers at home did not miss this (bum) joke and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

GB News, which launched on Sunday night, is attempting to offer an alternative take on the news for British viewers. However, the channel has already been hit with controversy after several high profile companies, such as Ikea and Kopparberg, stopped their adverts from being aired on the station.

Ofcom also received more than 300 complaints on Sunday, after the aforementioned Wottoon claimed the government was running a Covid-19 “scare campaign.

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