GB News journalist Tom Harwood rips into Laurence Fox over vaccine views - and it’s ruffled viewers

GB News journalist Tom Harwood rips into Laurence Fox over vaccine views - and it’s ruffled viewers

GB News journalist Tom Harwood has ripped into Laurence Fox over his views on vaccines and the confrontation has well and truly ruffled viewers.

In an interview about vaccine passports with the former actor turned ‘politician’, Harwood suggested Fox was creating problems by pushing his anti-vaxx views and told him he should tell his “legions of followers” to get the jab instead.

He said: “You’ve used the word vaccine in a quote as if this isn’t the real vaccine; you’ve said that these haven’t passed their trials and they have passed their phase three clinical trials.

“You’ve said that young people shouldn’t get the vaccine when really we know that in order to reach herd immunity young people have to get this vaccine.

“Aren’t you part of the problem here?”

Fox claimed Harwood was parroting government lines and claimed the government was creating “disproportionate” fear about the risk the virus poses to young people. He also tried to make a joke, bless him, and said: “Should I get a Tom Harwood tweet approval passport as well, would that help?” (Which, interestingly, Fox’s Reclaim Party saw as him “hitting back”...)

Harwood added: “There is a real genuine problem when people with large followings tweet out to many many people that they shouldn’t get this vaccine.

“You know the hell this country’s been through for the last year and a half – the way out is the vaccine and potentially it would be a good thing if you were to tell your legion of followers to actually get the jab, not to coerce them, not to force them, but to say that it’s a good thing to actually get vaccinated.”

Good point, well made. But some people were angry with Harwood for not being against vaccines and showed their support for Fox, which is perhaps unsurprising given the more controversial stance GB News has taken on other issues (like taking the knee):

Meanwhile, other viewers felt upset that they actually agreed with Harwood, who supported Brexit and has supported Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party:

And others enjoyed the backlash Harwood was getting and laughed about him being deemed too ‘woke’ for GB News:

Fox and his Reclaim Party, though, saw the interview as a success and made the same joke again:

To us, it’s game set and match to Harwood.

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