Winston Churchill impersonator appears on GB News to mark funeral anniversary
GB News

In what is perhaps a sign that they are struggling to book current politicians as guests, GB News summoned the ghost of Winston Churchill in the form of an impersonator and interviewed him as if he was the actual living Churchill.

In a segment to commemorate the anniversary of Churchill's funeral, Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon interviewed Stan Streather in character as "Winstan Churchill" about how he would fare if he was the prime minister in the present day.

"I was the right man at the right moment. I don't think I could probably survive in the current climate although one would give it a go, of course," Streather/ Churchill said.

Later, breaking character he explained he has "great fondness for the great man" trying to "keep a piece of history alive" and also noted: "When you look like this, there's not a lot else you can do."

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Fair enough and it is a pretty convincing act but reacting to GB News' decision to run an interview with an impersonator in character, people thought it was a pretty odd slow news day:

We suppose there's worse dead politicians they could have interviewed.

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