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Gemma Collins is the undisputed queen of shoulder pads, “memays”, earning her “divaship” and falling off stages.

Now “the GC” (as she describes herself) has embarked a her whirlwind promotional tour for her new book, modestly titled How To Be A Diva, and let’s just say it’s not exactly going to plan.

Earlier this week the Internet erupted with glee after Celebs Now published an interview in which Collins chastised her interviewer for not having read her book. It is not uncommon for interviewers to simply be “briefed” on the contents of a book before interviewing. The result, which went viral, was both awkward and hilarious in equal measure.

But today the twittersphere is back on Gemma’s case after she tweeted a picture of a private jet to her 1.33 million followers. She claimed that the jet had been sent for her.

It’s not clear where she’s travelling to or from, but the wording of her tweet hints that the jet has been arranged for her.

Yet eagle eyed Twitter users quickly realised that there is more to this story than meets the eye. If you type in “private jet” into Google, the picture from Gemma’s tweet is the second image to come up. In a few clicks, it can be found on an article dated from January this year.

Of course we don’t know that the whole private jet story is made up, it's very possible that Gemma did board one. But it’s also pretty clear that, if a jet did exist, it’s not the one in the photo that Gemma tweeted.

But, just like an episode of constructed reality television, the plot thickens.

Indirectly responding to those who rumbled her use of Google Images, the GC has uploaded photos on Twitter showing her standing next to a private jet.

With no photos from inside the jet, it's not completely clear whether Gemma flew in it or is merely standing next to it. But one of the captions alludes that she flew to Jersey in the aircraft.

This, my friends, is the greatest mystery of our time.

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